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Iva Rinčić

RINČIĆ, Iva (Rijeka, 2015), philosopher.

In 2000, she graduated in sociology and croatology from the Centre for Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb. She received her doctoral degree in 2010 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb whith a thesis Theorethical Strongholds, Accomplishments and Perspectives of Bioethical Institutionalisation in European Union. She works at the School of Medicine in Rijeka. Her area of interest is bioethics.

WORKS: Bioethics and Responsibility in Genetics, Zagreb, 2007; European Bioethics: Ideas and Institutions, Zagreb, 2011; Fritz Jahr and the Emergence of European Bioethics (with Amir Muzur), Zagreb, 2012; Van Rensselaer Potter and His Place in the History of Bioethics (with Amir Muzur), Zagreb, 205.