Call for Applications 2020

Members of the Croatian academic community who are working in logic in any of its aspects (philosophy, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, cognitive science, etc.) are invited to apply for the Juraj Dragišić / Georgius Benignus Prize  in logic for 2020.

1) We invite contenders to submit an unpublished paper in logic written in English between 10 and 30 pages long.

2) Contenders should be affiliated to a Croatian academic institution (university, public research institute, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts). There are no restrictions regarding age, sex, or nationality.

3) The award-winning paper will be published in the highly ranked journal Logica Universalis (Springer, Birkhäuser). The paper will be presented at the UNILOG'2021 congress, 2-7. April 2021, in Kolympari (Crete), Greece. Travel costs will be covered by the Croatian organizers, while the accommodation and congress fee will be provided by UNILOG. This support is awarded to the author or one of the co-authors of the winning paper.

4) The winner(s) will receive a monograph on Juraj Dragišić / Georgius Benignus (c. 1445-1520) and selected papers by Croatian logicians Vladimir Devidé (1925–2010) and Vladimir G. Kirin (1928–2000).

5) Deadline for paper submission: 15. December 2020, skovac@ifzg.hr or tinperkov@gmail.com




Georgii Benigni Salviati Artis dialectices praecepta vetera ac nova, Ragusii congestum, Romae ... tersum, expolitum, ac ... editum, 1519

Georgii Benigni de Salviatis ... Dialectica nova, Florentiae 1488/89

Organizers of the Prize
Croatian Logic Association
✧ Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb
✧ University of Rijeka - Centre for Logic and Decision Theory

Members of the Prize Jury:
  Srećko Kovač (Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb, president
    of the Croatian Logic Association),
  Tin Perkov (University of Zagreb),
  Nenad Smokrović (University of Rijeka),
  Majda Trobok (University of Rijeka),
  Mladen Vuković (University in Zagreb).

Logic Prize 2018. Winner: Tin Perkov, University of Zagreb.