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Zlata Knezović

KNEZOVIĆ, Zlata (Rašćane, 1934 – Zagreb, 2016), philosopher, historian, translator.

In 1961, she graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb with a degree in philosophy and Croatian-Serbian language and Yugoslav literature. In 1972 she received her doctoral degree from the Université des sciences humaines in Strasbourg with a thesis L'ethique et l'existence chez Simone de Beauvoir. She worked at the Bureau of Statistic, Firm for Regeneration, the Center for Documentation and Information on Labor Movement in the Workers' Library "Božidar Adžija" and from 1972 at the Institute of History of the Labor Movement in Zagreb. She furthered her studies in France. She translated from French.

WORK: Cultural Creativity in the Revolution, Zagreb, 1981.