Srećko Kovač


Recent research projects

  Logic, Concepts, and Communication,  2015-2019, Croatian Science Foundation, principal investigator; collaborators: Kordula Świętorzecka, Majda Trobok, Berislav Žarnić (1959-2017), PhD students Gabriela Bašić, Goran Lojkić, Ivan Restović, Kristina Šekrst.

  Gödel’s ontological argument: history, modifications, extensions, and controversies, 2013-2015, Polish National Science Foundation, collaborator; principal investigator: Kordula Świętorzecka, CSWU Warsaw:

             - seminar Gödel’s Ontological Argument: Supplements and History, Warsaw, 20.9.3013.

             - seminar Relational Extensions of Gödel’s Ontological Argument, CSWU  Warsaw, 14-15.2.2014, programme;

             - conference Formal Methods and Science in Philosophy (session on Gödel’s ontological argument), Dubrovnik, IUC, 26-28.3.2015.

             - book Gödel’s ontological argument: history, modifications, extensions, and controversies, K. Świętorzecka (ed.), Warsaw:                  Semper, 2015.

  Logical structures and intentionality, 2007-2013, Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, principal investigator; collaborators: Majda Trobok, Lada Maleš, Berislav Žarnić.


Research Group: Warsaw Circle for the Study of the Ontology of Thomas Aquinas in  International Center for Formal Ontology (ICFO), Warsaw.


Courses taught

Elementary logic, metatheory, modal logic; Non-classical systems and models; Temporal logic; Logic and time; Logic, knowledge, and belief; Logic and ontology; history of logic. Logical Laws, Justifications, and Causality (CSWU Warsaw).


Publications (selected)

  Causal Interpretation of Gödel’s Ontological Proof .  - Gödel’s Ontological Argument: History, Modifications and Controversies, K. Świętorzecka (ed.), Warsaw: Semper, 2015.

  (and K. Świętorzecka) Gödel’s “Slingshot” Argument and His Onto-Theological System.  - Gödel’s Ontological Argument: History, Modifications and Controversies, K. Świętorzecka (ed.), Warsaw: Semper, 2015.

   Logic and truth in religious belief. - God, Truth, and Other Enigmas, M. Szatkowski (ed.), Boston, Berlin, New York: de Gruyter, 2015.

  Causality and Attribution in an Aristotelian Theory. — The Road to Universal Logic: Festschrift for 50th Birthday of Jean-Yves Béziau, A. Koslow, A. Buchsbaum (eds.), vol. 1, Cham, Heidelberg, etc.: Springer-Birkhäuser, 2015.

  Forms of judgment as a link between mind and the concepts of substance and cause (Kant, Gödel). -  Substantiality and Causality, M. Szatkowski, M. Rosiak (eds.), Boston, Berlin, New York: de Gruyter, 2014

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  with B. Žarnić: An outline of the history of the Croatian logic. - Logic in Central and Eastern Europe: History, Science and Discourse, A. Schumann (ed.), University Press of America, 2012.

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   Logičko-filozofijski ogledi. -  Zagreb, 2005. -  A book in Croatian (Engl. title: Logical –philosophical papers).

  Logika. -  8th edition. Zagreb, 2004. -  A logic textbook in Croatian.

  Some weakened Gödelian ontological systems. -  Journal of Philosophical Logic, 32 (2003) 6, 565-588. -  Corrections.

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   Quine’s Platonism and Antiplatonism.- Synthesis Philosophica, 14 (1999) 1-2, 4552. - Pdf, 144 KB


Conferences (selected)

   A Gödelian logic of causality.  - Non-Classical Logic. Theory and Applications. Toruń, 24.-26.9.2015.

   Concepts and time in religious discourse.  - God, Time, Infinity. Warsaw, 22.-24.9.2015.

  Formal and transcendental logic.—Naming Logic(s), in frame of  15th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Helsinki, 3-8.8.2015.

  Causal interpretation of Gödel's ontotheology. - Formal Methods and Science in Philosophy, Dubrovnik, 26-28/3/2015.

   with K. Świętorzecka:  Gödlovski argument slingshot i jego kontekst filozoficzny.  - Konferencja Historii Logiki, Kraków, 21-22/3/2014.

   Logic and truth in religious belief. -  God, Truth, and other Enigmas. Warsaw, 17-19/9/2013.

  Causality as a central concept of Gödel’s philosophy. - Kurt Gödel Philosopher: From Logic to Cosmology, Aix-en-Provence, 11-13/7/2013.

  Proof and Causation.— 4th World Congress on Universal Logic, Rio de Janeiro, 3.-7/4/2013.

  Gödel’s ontological system and justification logic. - Trends in Logic XI: Advances in Philosophical Logic, Bochum, 3-5/6/2012.

  Logical opposition and collective decisions. - 2nd World Congress on the Square of Opposition. Corte (Corsica), 17-20/6/2010.

  Logical principles and the square of opposition. - Logical Foundations of Metaphysics. Dubrovnik, 19-24/5/2008.

  Agents, intensions, and paraconsistency. - 2nd World Congress and School on Universal Logic (Unilog’07), Xi’an (China), 16-22/8/2007.

  A logic of objects and appearances; Logic and knowledge (workshop). - Logical Foundations of Metaphysics. Dubrovnik, 21-25/5/2007.

   Objects in belief: a consistency problem. - 8th Rijeka International Conference: Analytic Philosophy — Logical Investigations (APLI). - Rijeka, 9-10/6/2006.

  Impossibilities, identities, and belief. -  2005-06 Winter Meeting of the ASL, New York, 27-9/12/2005.

  Clusters and modes of presentation. - 1st World Congress on Universal Logic (Unilog’05), Montreux, 31/3-3/4/2005

  Kant from Gödel’s viewpoint. - Kant - 200 Years After, Zagreb, 5-6/11/2004.

  Belief and identity of objects. - 12th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Oviedo, 7-13/8/2003.

  Weakened Gödelian ontological systems. - Logic Colloquium 2002, Münster, 3-11/8/2002. 

  Gödel and Kant on ontological proof. -  Logic Colloquium 2001, Vienna, 6-11/8/2001.




Professor, PhD


Institute of Philosophy

a public research institute of the Republic of Croatia

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Professor of logic

(University of Zagreb, Department of Philosophy of the Croatian Studies)