Zdravko Radman

Zdravko Radman, Ph. D.
Professor of Philosophy


Biographical Data:

Born June 24, 1951 in Split (Croatia)
Married to Ivanka Radman, dr.med., psychiatrist
Two children (1981, 1984)

Curriculum vitae


B.A. received March 1975. Comparative Literature (A) and English (B). Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb.

M.A. received December 1977. Philosophy of Science. University of Zagreb. (Thesis title: "Perception in the Context of the Cultural-Historical and the Transcendental").

Ph.D. received March 1982. Faculty of Arts, University of Zagreb. (Dissertation title: "The Role of the Symbolic Languages in Articulation of Perception").

Awards, Grants, Exchange Programs

1972 Harvard University Scholarship Award for the Harvard Summer School; two intensive courses in Modern Literature and Theory of Art.

1976/77 Award of the scholarship from Zlatko and Joyce Balokovic Scholarship Fund. Special student at Harvard University (Department of Philosophy/Carpenter Center of Visual Arts). Completion of a one-year graduate program including courses in philosophy of art (Nelson Goodman), philosophy of science (Hilary Putnam) evolutionary epistemology (Donald T. Campbell), aesthetics (Irvin Singer/MIT), and audited courses in philosophy of language (W. O. Quine) and in philosophy of perception (M.Wartofsky/Boston University).

1985 DAAD Scholarship, Goethe Institute Freiburg, Two-months language course.

1987 Postdoctoral research program Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung. Department of Philosophy, University of Konstanz (Germany)

1989 (January-June) Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship (1. extension). Institute of Philosophy, University of Saarbrcken (Germany)

1990-1994 Research project on epistemology of metaphor sponsored by the Leibniz-Preis der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

1996 (February-June) Research grant of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (2. extension). Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Konstanz.

1999/2000 The J. William Fulbright Program: Research/Lecturing Grant. University of California at Berkeley, Department of Philosophy and Institute of Cognitive Science.

Short-term projects, exchange programs and visits include among others: Salzburg Seminar (1980), Warburg Institute London (Exchange Program of HAZU with British Academy) (1983), University College London (Royal Society) (1997).

Employment History

1975 Institute of Philosophy of Science (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Zagreb.

1989-1994 Research fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Konstanz.

Since 1994 Institute of Philosophy Zagreb.


Graduate courses in Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Language, and Philosophy of Mind at University of Konstanz, Studia Croatica Zagreb, University of Split, and interdisciplinary doctoral program Language Communication and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Zagreb.

Professional Affiliations

Croatian Philosophical Society (HFD).

International Association for Aesthetics (IAA).

Cognitive Science Society (CSS)

Phenomenology and Cognitive Science

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

Board Memberships

Member of the Board of Editors of the journal Filozofska istrazivanja and Synthesis philosophica.

Research Interests and Fields of Concentration

  • Theory of Knowledge (perception; imagination; analogical reasoning).
  • General Philosophy of Science (scientific vs. nonscientific rationality; logic vs. emotion).
  • Philosophy of Language (language-perception relation; cognitive theory of metaphor; theory of fiction).
  • Aesthetics (art as a mode of cognition; aesthetics of science).
  • Philosophy of Mind (embodied knowing, intentionality, possibilities and limitations of artificial intelligence).

Recent Research Projects

  • A Cognitive theory of Metaphor (1989-1994) (Funded by the Leibniz Preis der Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).
  • Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Mind (1998-2002) (Funded by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology).
  • Natural and ‘Artificial’ Mind: From Causality to Intentionality (2002-2006) (Funded by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport).


I have been publishing books (monographs and collections of essays), articles and reviews in Croatian, English and German, some also translated into Slovene, Japanese and Chinese, and in addition reviewed also in Spanish, Finish, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

Invited Lectures (a selection)

  • "Metapherntheorie", Universität des Saarlandes, Fachrichtung Philosophie, Saarbrücken, 25. January 1989.
  • "Metaphors and Specification of Meaning", Universität Konstanz, Fachgruppe Philosophie, 6 Februar, 1992.
  • "Vom metaphorischen Denken zum metaphorischen Sehen", Gesammthochschule Kassel, Fachbereich Kunst, 1. July, 1996.
  • "On Underdetermination of Mind", State University of New York at Stony Brook, Dept. of Philosophy, Stony Brook, 4 April, 2000.
  • "Mind: From Underdetermination to Potentiality", MIT, (Brain and Cognitive Science, and Philosophy), Cambridge 11 April, 2000.
  • "Towards Aesthetics of Science", University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters, Dept. of Aesthetics, Tokyo, 5 April, 2002.

Conference-Talks (a selection)

  • "Fictional Meanings and Possible Worlds. A Case of Metaphor", Metapher und Innovation: Die Rolle der Metapher im Wandel von Sprache und Wissenschaft, Bern, 10-12 Februar, 1993.
  • "Künstliche Intelligenz und natürlicher Leib", Metapher, Kognition, künstliche Intelligenz, Erlangen, 8-10 July, 1993.
  • "In Search for Substance and Structure", Die vier empädokleischen Elemente und ihre Metaphern, Laggo Maggiore, 1-2 October, 1993.
  • "Vom Umgang mit dem Unmöglichen", Philosophie in Literatur, Konstanz, 4-7 October, 1993.
  • "On Literal Lies and Fictional Facts", Images and Reality, Miskolc, 14-15 June, 1996.
  • "In the Name of God: Towards a Concept of Virtual Meaning", L.A.U.D. Symposium, Metaphor and Religion, Duisburg, 1-4 April, 1997.
  • "Seeing With the Body’s Eye", Philosophy of the Body: Merleau-Ponty, Ljubljana, 21-22 November, 1996.
  • "Manifesto of Postmodernism", After Post-Modernism, Chicago, 14-16 November, 1997.
  • "Thinking the Impossible: Toward a Concept of Possible Meaning", Modeling Metaphor, Copenhagen, 28-30 May, 1998.
  • "Metaphorical Mutations of Meaning: From Open-Ended Reference to Possible Signification", European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST), Lisbon, 30 November-2 December, 1998.
  • "Od dijela do cjeline" (From Part to Whole), HFD: Heisenberg i filozofiju (Heisenberg and Philosophy), Zagreb, 10-11 December, 1998.
  • "Dimenzije moralnog" (Dimensions of Morality), Primijenjena etika (Applied Ethics), Europski dom Zagreb, 5-6 February, 1999.
  • "Povijest filozofije kao kulturna povijest" (History of Philosophy as Cultural History), Otvorena pitanja povijesti hrvatske filozofije (History of Croatian Philosophy: Open Questions), Zagreb, 23-25 June, 1999.
  • "Razumijevanje recepcije" (Understanding Reception), Recepcija hrvatskih filozofa u svijetu (International Reception of Croatian Philosophers)
  • "Kognitivna znanost: dosezi i ograničenja" (Cognitive Science: Achievements and Limitations), Znanost za 21. stoljeće (The 21st Century Science), Zagreb, 15-16 March, 2001.
  • "The Place of Aesthetics in the World of Science", 27th Annual Philosophy of Science Conference, IUC Dubrovnik, 9-14 April, 2001.
  • "The Life of the Mind: Where Does the Integration come from?", and "Mind/Brain: Circularity and Beyond”, Mind and Brain II: An Interdisciplinary Approach, IUC Dubrovnik, 15-19 October, 2001.
  • "The Art of the Mind", XV International Congress of Aesthetics, Makuhari (Tokyo), 27.-31 August, 2001.
  • "The Riddle of Identity", Brain, Mind and World: Beyond Cognitivism, IUC Dubrovnik, June 24-27, 2002.
  • "Interculturality: Beyond Boundaries", Culture and Aesthetics East and West, Beijing, 18-21 October, 2002.
  • "Qualia Embodied", Embodiment and Normativity, 26–30 March, 2003.
  • "Cognitive Science - Embodiment of Ideas", Workshop: Running Organizations on 'Ideas' instead of 'Ideals'. Foundation 2020, Cavtat, 29-31 May, 2003.
  • "The Vulnerable Mind", The 22nd International Human Sciene Research Conference, Ersta Sköndal Universkty College, Stockholm, 13-16 September, 2003.
  • "Transhumanism: Problems and Perspectives", Dani Frane Petrića: Demokracija i etika (The Days of Frane Petrić: Democracy and Ethics), Cres, 21-24 September, 2003.
  • "Znanost o umu: Problemi i perspektive" (The Science of the Mind: Problems and Perspectives), Filozofija znanosti: Suvremene teme i perspective (Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives), Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 6-7 November, 2003.
  • "Emotion and Cognition", IUC Dubrovnik, Embodiment and Normativity, 29 March-3 April, 2004.
  • "Confidence", Foundation 2020, Workshop, Brijuni, 20-23 May, 2004.
  • "The Felt Self: Aesthetics and Neuroscience in Dialog", XVI International Congress of Aesthetics, Rio de Janeiro, 18-23 July, 2004.
  • "On Tasting the Images", Thought, Machine, Society, 7th International Conference on Cognitive Science, Institut Jožef Štefan, Ljubljana, 11-15 October, 2004.
  • "How Much New Can We Stand?" The Problem of the New, St. Hilda's College, Oxford, 8-10 May, 2005.
  • "Mind and World", Mind, World and Intentionality: New Perspectives on the Internalism-Externalism Debate, University of Copenhagen, 27-29 May, 2005.
  • "Saving the Freedom of Will", Philosophie und Demokratie, IUC Dubrovnik, 5-9 September, 2005.
  • "Relativity in Subjectivity", The 14th Days of Frane Petrić: Theory of Relativity and Philosophy, Cres, 25-28 September, 2005.
  • "Ambiguity of Appearances", Situated Cognition: Perspectives from Phenomenology and Science, Hatfield College, Durham University, Durham, 18-20 August, 2006.
  • "Synaesthesia, Synthesis, and Aesthetics", Aesthetics and the Dialogue among Cultures, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, 26-28 June, 2006.
  • "The Ethical Mind", Philosophie und Demokratie: Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit, IUC Dubrovnik, 4.-8 September, 2006.
  • "Imagining the Impossible", III Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics, Portorož, Slovenia, 20-23 September, 2006.
  • "Phenomenology of Agency" (Workshop), University of Fribourg (Switzerland), 17-18 November 2006.

Organizer of international courses and colloquia at Interuniversity centre Dubrovnik

  • (Together with Finn Collin, Copenhagen): Metaphor and Thought Experiment, 17 -21 October, 2000.
  • (Together with Hubert L. Dreyfus, University of California, Berkeley): Brain, Mind and World: Beyond Cognitivism, 24-27 June, 2002.
  • (Together with Anton Leist, Zürich; Matthias Kettner, Frankfurt; Hilge Landweer, Berlin): Embodiment and Normativity (3), 26-30 March, 2003; (4) 29 March-3 April, 2004; (5) 1-5 May, 2005; 26-31 March, 2006.
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